A warm welcome to each and every visitor. I, Robert Marais, have worked hard in making this company what it is today. I believe that the reason for my success is the fact that I've made every function a personalised experience. It is not about statistics for the most functions in a year, but rather the quality of each function .

From the very first contact you should be able to realise the difference between RMD Sound and every other service provider you have ever contacted. If, for some reason, you 'phone and should leave a message, your message will be returned as soon as possible. Usually it will be within 8 hours, but will never be more than 24 hours.

RMD Sound is only using professional equipment, and thus do not use Hi-Fi speakers as an  example. All the equipment used is within the industry standards, and back-up is always closeby. Professional equipment alone does not make the person handling it professional. So, obviously my fees will be slightly higher than what any other part time DJ will quote you. This isn't just my hobby, it is my passion. And with 17 years of experience, with the last 8 years of this period in a full time position, you can be rest assured that RMD Sound will be providing you with extraordinary service. Therefore making your event Memorable and Successful. If you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you and all your guests have received below standard service, I will refund your money. As simple as that.

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