I will try to list most of the frequently asked questions, but anyone is more than welcome to contact me to ask any question you might have regarding your function.

What is SAMRO?

SAMRO stands for South African Music Rights Organisation. Who are they, and what do they do? SAMRO is a non profitable organisation that generates funds by means of issuing licenses to any DJ, company or building where music is played, whether it is a radio in the background, live performance, a shop playing CD's in the background, restaurants, basically anywhere. This money is then distributed to the composers of music, and to the families of such composers if they have passed on, for up to 50 years after the death of such composer. You see the money is not paid to the artist as they generate their income from the sale of their albums and live performances. If you want to broadcast or perform music that is not composed and performed by you, you must have a license to do so.

Does all DJs have to be registered with SAMRO?

Yes. Should your DJ not be licensed, he might be arrested at your function. There are literally hundreds of DJ's who feel that this license is only a "moneymaking scheme" and refuse to pay and rather take the chance, but there are also a few of us who are serious about our work and do not want to jeopardize our clients' reputation, nor ours. So ask your DJ if he is registered. Rather be safe than sorry.

What should a DJ wear to my function?

Now this is a difficult question and the bottom line is that I feel that it all depends on the type of function. There are some DJs in Gauteng that do weddings in Tuxedos. While other's play in Denim and T-shirt at corporate functions. I feel that I will always wear my black trousers with either my company's black golf shirt with logo on, or a black shirt. Depending on the client. I don't want to look like a hippy at a formal function. Nor do I want to be overdressed and outdress your clients / guests.

Why pay your fee, if I can get someone else at a cheaper price?

My prices are for a professional that will make a success of your function. Guaranteed! Have a look at the following statistics for weddings, and see for yourself what the importance of the right DJ for your function will be. 

5% of the average costs for a wedding is what is paid for the DJ. But the DJ will be longer remembered than any other expense. There could be no flowers, not even food, but with the right music, the function could be saved, and even a success made of it.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.

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